Windows Designs for Beautiful Sunroom

Window is a main item in a sunroom. We can enjoy the warm sunlight in a sunroom because it can enter the room through the window. Beside it,if you decorate it with a best decoration, you will get a sunroom with a wonderful looking. Then, through this script, I will tell you some designs of French windows for beautiful sunroom.

            In this picture, there are some big French windows in a sunroom. All of them have a white color. Then, you can hang white transparent curtains in the middle of the big French windows. It make this sunroom looks very pretty and classy. It also can be more awesomely prefect with the lemon yellow beadboard and the yellow pale tiles floor. You can hang some small patterned plate on the lemon yellow beadboard. A green large rug can be put on the yellow pale tiles floor. Then, you can put a white sofa and a white wooden coffee table in front of the big French windows. Some cute patterned cushions can be put on the white sofa. TheFrench window sunroom idea with a great combination surely make this sunroom becomes sweetly gorgeous.

            In the other picture, there is a sunroom. It has some big French windows in khaki yellow color. You can enjoy the warm sunlight and amazing scenery outside through it. This French sunroom windows design will look fabulously match with white smoke beadboard. Then, you can combine it by putting a cream sofa with floral patterns in front of the big French windows. A small dining set can be put beside the cream sofa. It consists of some wooden chair and a round dining table. You also can apply the floor in cream tiles and the ceiling in white wood. After all, this sunroom looks calm and elegantly rustic.

            By decorating the window in your sunroom, your sunroom will have a different style. You also can mix and match it with some items in your sunroom like sofa, beadboard or floor. Just be creative and still stylish.  


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