Unique Chest of Drawers Ideas

In decorating a room, we should pay attention in every furniture in it right? Beside it is useful, it also should have a good design. So your room will look good too. You can decorate your room with a chest f drawer. In this script, I will share you some ideas of simply unique chest of drawers.

            In this picture, there is a small wooden chest of drawers. It has a cubical shape and brown color. It has four drawers with silver holders. There are two frozen glass drawers in the upper and two wooden drawers in the lower. It also has four white legs. It really looks simply awesome. It can be prettier with a clear glass vase of colorful flowers. It can be put on it. This chest of drawer idea looks sweetly match with the cream beadboard and yellow pale wooden floor. It also will look perfect by putting it in the corner of a minimalist room.

            For the other picture, here is a big chest of drawers. You can hang it on the white beadboard. It also has a white color. There are two white drawers in the left and two in the right side. Stainless steel holders with a fantastic shape complete those white drawers.  This chest of drawer design is really mesmerizing. Then, you can integrate it with a black glass vase of some white roses. It can be put on the big chest of drawer. Next, two dark abstract paintings is hung right above it.You also can put a brown velvet carpet on the white floor under it.  After all, the big chest of drawer with its great combination is really appropriate for a luxury room.

            Have you gotten the idea? What do you think? Yes, it is really amazing. There two chest of drawer ideas, the simple one and the elegant one. Which one do you prefer? Actually both of them are gorgeous. Just choose one of them. Then you can begin to decorate your house with it. Of course, your house will become wonderful.


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