Lux Ceiling Design for Gothic Glam Bedroom

Have you ever taught that it is possible to combine a gothic and glamour style? I think it will become very extraordinary. Do you want to decorate your bedroom with this style combination? Okay, by following this post, you will get some designs of lux ceiling for gothic glam bedroom.

            In this picture, there is a big bedroom. It has a black ceiling and shiny black beadboard. You can decorate a silver round tray ceiling in the middle of it. There is a blink droplight in the center of it. You also can patch some little droplight around the silver tray ceiling. This ceiling idea really looks sparkly amazing in this big bedroom. Then, you can integrate it by putting a big round bed with grey color right under the silver tray ceiling. Some black and silver patterned pillows are put orderly on it. Next, you can put a round black table near the big round bed. Some cocktails and a bottle of wine can be put on it. Finally, all of these combinations really makes this big bedroom becomes elegantly gothic and delightful.

            In the other picture, there is a big bedroom. It has velvet magenta beadboard, blink black beadboard and white ceiling. You can put a big silver bed in front of a magenta beadboard in a big bedroom. A purple table lamp can be put in the right and left side of it. This big bedroom can become more impressive with a fantastic ceiling design. You can apply a round tray ceiling on the white ceiling. Then, you can hang a crystal chandelier in the middle of it. Some crystal droplight is hung around the round tray ceiling. After all, this big bedroom looks romantically gothic and glamour.

            Do you have any ideas? It is very interesting, right? You can design the ceiling in your ceiling in round shape. Then, just put eye catchy droplight in the middle and around it to make it luxury. You also can mix and match it with the other item in black color. It can make a gothic style.


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