Cool Room Decorations for Guys

Guys are definitely love cool and impressive things include their own room, right? You can’t deny it, guys. To make your own cool room, you must to use cool furniture too. This article would help you to making cool room decorations for guys. Here we go!

For you, men, you definitely love simple room but still look cool, right? Plain interesting blue wall would match perfectly with classic brown laminating floor. Make a white bright medium line on your wall, and then put three blue square picture frames on it. Soft comfortable bed in the middle of the room looks more perfect if you add four different pillows; two big white and two smaller blue. Blue-white warm blanket also make you want to stay longer there. White line-pattern carpet under the bed would match perfectly with black interesting longue chair near dark modern window. Black useful wall bookshelf would help you to save your important books collection. Install two shiny black short night tables beside the bed, complete with a couple of square sophisticated night lamp. White plain rooftop would look cool if you add a circle unique chandelier on it.

The simpler is; white-green nice wall with bright laminating floor. Install a single white-green (too) bed with a lot of shelf and racks next to the wall. Square gray carpet would make you more comfortable there. If you guys love sport, you can use orange-dark blue wall full of your favorite athlete’s picture and poster. Dark laminating floor would match perfectly with mattresses compatible color with the wall. White square window also makes you healthier because it would give you fresh air and sunshine if you open it on the day.

To decide what theme you should use for your cool room, you can use your favorite. Don’t be stuck in your mind, guys. You must also remember to balance the theme with your age. Have a nice try!


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